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We also stock a range of different fish each week depending on what’s been landed. These include Turbot, Monkfish, Lemon Sole, Dover Sole, Skate Wings, Snapper, Red Mullet, Squid, Marlin, Gurnard, Wild Sea Bass, Ling, Scotch Halibut, just to name a few!

We can generally get hold of most types of fish so if there’s anything not listed just get in touch to enquire. Due to the nature of these fish, with changing prices and differing sizes, it would be difficult to select a specific size or quantity to enable an online purchase. We therefore ask you give us a call if you would like to add any of these to your order. You can also use the form in our ‘contact us’ section of the site.

In addition, we stock different seasonal fish throughout the year. These include Wild Sea Bass, Wild Salmon, Wild Sea Trout, just to name a few. Again, please get in touch to enquire about these.

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